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Connectivity and MQTT Broker

Getting your data from the Edge to the Cloud

Connect your Edge Device to the Cloud

A number of technologies are available to connect an edge device to the cloud each with advantages and disadvantages.

Questions regarding

  • Availability of Signal.
  • Local/international connectivity
    (think of roaming costs)
  • Price per message
  • Does information flow from device to cloud and from cloud to device¬†
    (think of monitoring and control).

The list above is a small sample of the many aspects that require consideration  РLet us find the correct answer for your application ensuring your data is reliably available in real time at a price point that allows deployment on low cost assets.

Getting the edge data to the cloud is the first step. The second is applying rules to define what actions are taken, how the data is stored and represented. Once again there are many aspects to consider – our engineers have created a dashboard to intuitively guide this process.

“Digital Twin has brought IoT application engineering into the toolbox of every field engineer” – Ivan Potter MD i4 Group

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Get your data into the cloud

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