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Internet of Things for Industry

Our turnkey IoT solutions start with an “Edge Device” and end with Artificial Intelligence. You choose where to enter and how many layers of service you require

Unparalleled unboxing experience.

Field installation to boardroom insights in under 10 minutes.


Choose your Product or Service

Tier1 IoT Edge Device

Our range of IoT controllers/monitors is tailored to suit your requirements both in terms of functionality and price.

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Tier2 Connectivity and MQTT Broker

Tier1 adds encrypted MQTT over USSD. Your data is available in the cloud secure with no IP address. Read and Write (Monitor and Control) a device at data costs that allow deployment of edge devices on low cost assets

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Tier3 Management Console

Use DigitalTwin multi tenant management console to configure your own dashboard with custom look and feel. Customer logo’s with drag and drop widgets provide full web dashboarding of data segmented per customer.

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Tier4 Advanced data processing

Customized visualization and linkage to ERP/CRM or other systems. Advanced data wrangling and machine learning.

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Put a bird in flight and watch it sing

Exceeding your needs

Put your bird in flight

Each of our Edge Devices is named after a bird – so lets flight your own Bird – or see if one of our existing birds will meet you requirement

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Company Profile

Find out more about us and how we can assist in planning and executing your organisations digital migration strategy

The Management Team

Who’s at the helm ?

Richard Creighton

An engineer by training and businessman by experience, Richard spent over two decades in the controls and automation industry, with the latter 9 years as a regional executive director in Southern Africa on the board of a Global 100 international diversified technology company, Honeywell.

With deep interest in Industry 4.0 and associated digital transformation, the progression to IoT as well as breakthrough technology such as blockchain keeps him out of mischief. This passion for digital transformation has enticed him to seek out and establish new ventures and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Anton Torlutter

Anton is a seasoned business executive with 20 years of experience across manufacturing, mining, construction, oil and gas, and retail. Anton is an engineer by background, and has operated as both executive and advisor in his current role as CEO of a leading group of refrigeration companies in South Africa as well as a Senior Manager at Deloitte South Africa’s Strategy and Operations Management Consulting practice.

He is passionate about innovation,  specially as it pertains to disruptive technologies that will shape future operating environments. Anton currently participates as a non-executive shareholder of Digital Twin and is instrumental in shaping our “value in use” thinking for our IoT hardware and communications platforms.

Ivan Potter

Ivan has a passion for system design and engineering with a keen eye for developing new opportunities. With over 25 years as an entrepreneur in various technology entities, he has the depth of experience in both business and hardware-firmware implementation to ensure delivery of reliable solutions that wrap both technology and business case into a formidable end user tool or business solution.

Ivan is driving the i4 group business units toward automation opportunities 4IR  present. Whether this be in the groups industrial, commercial or residential business units. Our vision is to develop a group of companies with core competencies and products capable of delivering automation solutions expected  during 4IR and beyond.

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Why Digital Twin

Smart technologies to niche focus areas in the most cost effective manner with demonstratable ROI.

Advisory and fulfillment services in these niche areas to ensure achievement of co-created objectives.

Non-invasive / Additive methodology for minimal disruption to vital operations.

Intuitive and visual tooling for ease of data consumption/review and thereby increasing speed to formulate action.

Let’s start the journey to digital transformation